Mike Connors

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Mike Connors
Original artwork by Ellie Watkins/copyright 2001



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17 Paseo Verde was the location where Mike Connors, as Joe Mannix, solved crimes for seven of the eight years the classic show aired on CBS. So it is here at 17 Paseo Verde that we honor Mr. Connors for his outstanding acting, his dedicated charity work and, even rarer in Hollywood, the fact that he's a wonderful human being.
Through Mr. Connors' body of work, we also want to recognize the entertainment contributions from the golden age of television - the 1950s and 1960s. The writing, directing, acting, musical composition, filmwork, stunts and craftsmanship of that era remain unparalleled.
This is the official Barracuda Mike Connors web site. Who are the Barracudas? We are the most dedicated Mike Connors' fans in the world! Un Pour Tous, Tous Pour Un!

Note - This site is not meant to infringe upon any copyrights held by Paramount/Viacom, and is intended only to foster appreciation and comments relating to Mike Connors, "Mannix" and other TV series/movies in which he appeared under the Fair Use doctrine of 17 USC Sec. 107.


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