Mike Connors
Mike Now

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Mike Now...


Mike graciously sharing his time to have lunch with the Barracudas recently in Los Angeles. That's Mike in the dark blue shirt.


Mike checking over a "Tightrope" script while at lunch with some of the Barracudas and a few friends recently in LA.


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Mike seems to be enjoying the "Tightrope" script as much as his fans love watching him in his first series which pre-dates "Mannix".


Mike posing with some of the Barracudas and friends after lunch.


Mr. Connors was nice enough to suggest a group photo with some of the Barracudas during his appearance at a convention of classic movie and television stars, singers, and writers in Las Vegas in June of 2003. From left to right, Anna Smith, Ellie Watkins, Pat Talley and Helene Gagne.

Check back for more photos in the near future!