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Missing Episodes/Mannix on DVD Campaign

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Brad Grey is the head of Paramount Studios. What does that mean for Mannix fans? Let's let him know how much we are enjoying the first two seasons of Mannix on DVD - and that we'd like to see ALL 8 SEASONS OF MANNIX ON DVD!
Mr. Brad Grey
Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90038-3197
Mr. Brad Grey
Viacom Entertainment Productions
10880 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 1101
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Sumner Redstone (CEO of Viacom)
National Amusements, Inc.
200 Elm St.
Dedham, MA 02026-4536


Some Barracudas and Friends wearing their Mannix on DVD t-shirts in front of Paramount Studios.

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Thank you for your letter expressing interest in the show Mannix, and the possibility of the show being released on DVD.

Although I understand your desire to have a complete set of all the episodes, I have no control whatsoever over this show. In reality, Mannix has little connection to either of my parents. My father resigned and sold his Desilu interests to my mother in 1962, and my mother sold Desilu in 1967, the same year Mannix was first broadcast. While the legend is that my mother called CBS and told them she supported the show and wanted it on the air, the fact is she had little, or nothing, to do with its production.

I do appreciate your interest in this show, and I will forward your letter to my contacts at Paramount, but I'm afraid that's all I can do. It would be more convincing if all the members of your club, and all the fans you know, would continually flood the Paramount offices with letters and requests. That is the best way I know to get something done. Good luck to you all!

Best Wishes,

Lucie Arnaz

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The release of Season 2 of Mannix on January 6 is great. But we won't rest until all 8 seasons of Mannix are released to DVD. Go to www.tvshowsondvd.com and register.
Then vote early and often for Mannix on DVD.

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