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Happy New Year at 17 Paseo Verde!!
Complete your Mannix collections. Episodes available on VCD. $5 each plus postage. Below is a sampling of the episodes available. Email juliejoe44@chartertn.net
Death Is The Fifth Gear
Deja Vu
Girl In The Frame
You Can Get Killed Out There
A Catalogue of Sins
The Gang's All Here
Babe in the Woods
Pressure Point
Solid Gold Web
End Game
The Inside Man
One for the Lady
All Around the Money Tree
Who Killed Me?
The Judas Touch
Fly, Little One
Merry-Go-Round for Murder
Pittance of Faith
Climb a Deadly Mountain
Little Girl Lost
Fear I to Fall
Search For a Whisper
Return to Summer Grove
Time Out of Mind
Desert Run
Silent Target
Turn Every Stone
End of the Rainbow
Moving Target
Man Who Wasn't There
Question of Midnight
More episodes available
Until the entire eight seasons of Mannix is released as a boxed set on DVD, let us help you preserve your existing Mannix library on VCDs. Now you can have the same digital quality of a DVD for less. Watch your Mannix VCDs as often as you want with no degradation, no reduction in quality. In addition, switching to VCD results in an improved look thanks to the removal of such "glitches" as the dust spots often seen on VHS tapes. If you are interested in obtaining Mannix episodes on VCDs (US and PAL versions), please contact us at juliejoe44@chartertn.net

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* There are two Mannix fanzines - A Classic Piece of Work and A Classic Piece of Work II. Both are professionally bound with cover, and contain between six and eight stories focusing on the continuing cases of Joe Mannix and his secretary Peggy Fair. Favorite characters from the series who make appearances include Toby Fair, Art Malcolm, Adam Tobias and Lew Wickersham. Both fanzines feature sketches of the characters.
For information about the Mannix fanzines, please email juliejoe44@chartertn.net

 Available Now!
In addition to the fanzines, there are numerous other Mannix fan fiction authors who've written stories which look into Joe's past, place him in the present with a niece as a partner, re-introduce one of Joe's old enemies, or test our favorite detective's skills in many other adventures.
By Ellie Watkins
* "Solitaire" - A wounded Joe is dumped in the Nevada desert by a revenge-minded criminal from his past. In a twisted game of hide and seek, Joe must survive the elements and his hunters to have a chance at turning the tables.

* "Promises" - When Toby is the victim of a kidnapping due to mistaken identity, Joe has to race against time to save him before the kidnappers realize they have the wrong boy.

* "The Hunted" - (A Halloween tale)  Car trouble lands Joe in a remote coastal village. The mysterious behavior of the residents and nature itself leads him to wonder if it was just a nightmare...
By Anna Smith
* "Under Investigation" - Joe finds himself being investigated by the FBI, but why? And what else is going on?

By Winnie Power

* "Mountain Terror" - When Doctor Lewis tells Joe it's time he took a vacation, Joe invites Peggy and Toby to join him at a cabin in the mountains. Their only problem is there are several escaped convicts waiting, and they spell trouble for Joe, Peggy, and Toby.

* "A Night Of Fear" - Joe and Peggy stop off at a small store for supplies and are caught in the middle of an armed robbery.

"Wrong Turn" - Joe, Peggy and Art make a wrong turn and wind up in a Halloween nightmare.

By Pat Talley
* "For Scott's Sake" - a follow-up Mannix/Equalizer crossover.
* "The Dark Hours" - a novelization of the missing 7th season episode.
* "What Happened to Sunday?" - a real-time treatment of the 4th season episode.
Coming Soon!
"Shadows of The Innocent" by Ellie Watkins
"Forgotten Memories" by Winnie Power - Joe encounters an old adversary which triggers...forgotten memories.
"A Classic Piece of Work III" - the brand-new third installment of the popular Mannix fanzine with all new stories and artwork, same great characters.
For information about individual stories, please email,

Mannix In Print

Mannix - Michael Avallone

Mannix #1: The Faces of Murder - J.T. MacCargo

Mannix #2: A Fine Day for Dying - J.T. MacCargo

Mannix #3: A Walk on the Blind Side - J.T. MacCargo

Mannix #4: Round Trip to Nowhere - J.T. MacCargo                                                           


by Patricia Talley and Nancy Hixson

The 1960s-70s TV detective show Mannix had a reputation of being a well-written drama with a lead character who might have been "hard-boiled in the classical tradition" but underneath was a nice guy. Joe Mannix was tough but caring, strong but intelligent, with an ability to see through even the most cynical liar but who never turned away an underdog...even the non-paying kind. It was that combination of character and characteristics which made Mannix one of the best and most popular classic TV shows.

But readers would never know that from the four books by J.T. MacCargo based on that series. In eight seasons of Mannix the writers put together more than a few excellent scripts. Some that come to mind include Sound of Darkness, The Ragged Edge, Climb a Deadly Mountain, Death Is Fifth Gear, The Mouse That Died, Return to Summer Grove, Wine From These Grapes, Then the Drink Takes the Man, Cry Danger, The Dark Hours, The Gang's All Here...and the list could go on.

Did MacCargo or his editors choose one of those? No, they selected The Faces of Murder as the first book in the series. In a season - the sixth - which featured such outstanding episodes as The Inside Man, Lost Sunday and The Man Who Wasn't There, MacCargo chose the story of a man being framed for bribery whose sister hires Mannix to prove that she, not her brother, is the killer.

From there MacCargo jumps to the show's final season to pen A Fine Day for Dying, the story of a young woman who becomes the target for several murder attempts after awakening from a year-long coma which was the result of a hit-and-run accident. The author could have featured Death Has No Face, A Word Called Courage or Picture of a Shadow...all eighth season standouts.

MacCargo tried again with another episode from the final season, A Walk On The Blind Side. At least in this one Peggy is kidnapped by mobsters who fake her death. Better than A Fine Day, but MacCargo has Peggy being kidnapped mistakenly because she resembles Joe's client, a blue-eyed, obviously white woman.

The MacCargo series wrapped up with a reworking of the fourth season episode, Round Trip to Nowhere. While helping a woman find her husband's killer, Joe discovers large sums of money in Death Valley. In a season which featured such excellent shows as A Ticket to the Eclipse, One for the Lady, Figures in a Landscape, The Mouse that Died, What Happened to Sunday and A Gathering of Ghosts, it makes one wonder why MacCargo picked this so-so story.

In addition to the questionable selection of episodes, MacCargo's dialogue does not ring true. In our opinion, one of the true tests of well-written dialogue is whether or not we can hear the actor's voice saying the words as we read. There is no way we can hear Mike Connors as Joe Mannix say, "Peg o' me heart, can you think of any other establishment where, not the boss, but the secretary is the slave-driver?". Peg o' me heart ...somebody should have told MacCargo that this Mannix is Armenian, not Irish.

Along with awful dialogue like that, the mannerisms and foul language are also not Joe Mannix. The thought comes to mind, did MacCargo ever watch Mannix or was he hired, given a copy of a particular script and told to produce a book? Our guess is the latter which would explain the numerous typos, poor grammar and misspellings throughout the copy.

Another author made an attempt at capturing our gallant detective in novel form but, as with MacCargo, Michael Avallone fell short. His book, simply titled Mannix, also lacked honesty to the show and its character that this series deserved. In Avallone's book, Joe has more of a James Bond personality rather than the caring and compassionate nature underneath the tough exterior we see Joe exhibiting on the TV screen. This book was written before the MacCargo books, when Joe was working for Intertect but, for some reason, the author or editors chose New York City as the setting for this story and the home base for Intertect, which possibly explains why the plot was not taken from any of the episodes of the first season.

Having read all these negative comments about this series, you may wonder if there was anything about the five books that we did like. The answer is yes...we liked the pictures of Mike Connors as Mannix on the covers.

Copyright 1998 Patricia Talley and Nancy Hixson