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If you are interested in trading Mannix episodes or obtaining Mannix episodes on VCDs (US and PAL versions), have located one of the "missing" episodes, are interested in fan fiction, or in donating to Mike Connors' favorite charity - NAMI - please contact us at the email below.



I am trying to get in touch with my cousin - Pam Mahan, daughter of Doyle and Ruth Bovis Mahan.

You're the only one I want to talk to. PLEASE email at the email address on this page. ~ Pat

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Below are some of our favorite classic TV sites:
www.robertlansing.com - site devoted to the outstanding actor Robert Lansing as well as the era of classic television
www.jmannix.net - the 'nuts and bolts' Mannix site
https://members.tripod.com/~Our_Big_Valley - home of the classic TV western starring Barbara Stanwyck, the late Richard Long, Peter Breck, Lee Majors and Mannix alumna Linda Evans
www.edrobertson.com - home of Maverick/Rockford Files historian
www.goodtv.com - Goodlife TV, home of several classic TV shows
www.hallmarkchannel.com - Hallmark TV, many classic TV dramas can be found
http://www.networksplus.net/caseyguy/epPartners.htm - Ron Evans' site containing his vast collection of classic TV shows and much more
www.schifrin.com - Musician Lalo Schifrin is still making wonderful music which can be found on his official site.
www.fardreaming.com - *The* Mark Lenard site on the Internet. Primarily focused on Mr. Lenard's work as Sarek on Star Trek, fardreaming is an excellent tribute to all of Mr. Lenard's body of work.
www.kevinburtonsmith.com - The Thrilling Detective web site contains virtually anything you'd want to know on any detective who ever donned a gumshoe, including Joe Mannix, in the land of television. Check it out.
http://70s-tv-crime-board.sechs-friends.de - 70s TV Crime Board run by Mark Riemenschneider
A NOTE OF WARNING: We can vouch for the web sites listed above but the same cannot be said for the yahoo ads which pop up on this site and over which we have no control. Our advice - Buyer Beware. NOTE: There are 194 episodes of Mannix but not all are available at this time. Please be cautious of anyone claiming to have *all* episodes of Mannix. One dealer on eBay who has informed me that he has no Mannix is classicvideollc. Other sites that appear to be scams are all links connected to The Media Depot, including RareTVDVDS. Please check out the following link which will give an idea of how people got ripped off: http://www.epinions.com/msg/show_~threads/cat_id_~22/id_~10231/forum_id_~145